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grep vold

Love Hz!

A flickering bank of LED appears to be sending signals to the moon, while barely visible amongst the wires and the lights of a neon loft, shadowy figures rock and sway to the bleeps and bloops, the swish and crack...lost in a reverie these electronic-age druids of sound compose prayers to their gods. grep vold lock their grooves to the beating of their collective heart, nerve ends wired to throbbing oscillators, the long, dark invigorating dance of night begins.

You will not find grep vold smiling like inane pop-monkeys from the pages of your favourite blog but you will see them in the neon of your electric dreams and feel them dancing in the discoteque of your heart.

Spodyody Records presents the LP 'Klangsteller' and the EP 'Your Sorrow is not Terminal' by grep vold.

#Coming soon 'Brutalist' LP and 'Les Machines...' Single Remix!

As Nietzche declared: "Without music, life would be a mistake."

New! grep vold EP: 'Your Sorrow is not Terminal'
1. Extended Mix   2. Stripped Mix
3. Taktfrequenz

grep vold: Klangsteller LP

1. Ugetsu    2. Ralf, Florian, Wolfgang und Karl    3. Chukwu
4. Dust-Red Cadavers    5. In A Time of Frost
6. Bergerallee9    7. The Death of a Small Child in a Late Victorian Terrace
8. Klangsteller    9. Waiting for the End
10. We Melt Into The Night

Buy:   https://grepvold.bandcamp.com/                   https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/klangsteller/id1178792465