Spodyody Records presents:

Zuyev Workers Club

Goodbye Europa?

               The dark heart of European history still beats in the shadowy streets of every capital, every port and every industrial town: ZWC can hear the whispers, the murmers, the rumbles of discontent and they are afraid. Can you hear the "jackboots of the Right-wing" echoing down the avenues of your town? As Europa is rent asunder once more, and refugees of war-torn nations trundle through the unwelcoming streets, are we heading back to the charnel houses of Mitteleuropa?

               ZWC unleash their new LP 'The Dream of a Ridiculous Man' on Spodyody Records in late 2021. Part two of a triptych to be followed in 2022 by 'Only the Words Remain' - the three collections will combine as a manual for survival in troubled times; a poetic palliative set against a magic tapestry of strangeness - oh yes, indeed.....don't be afraid of the dark - it hides the real horrors!

Дом культуры имени С.М.Зуева