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Zuev Workers Club

Goodbye Europa?

               The dark heart of European history still beats in the shadowy streets of every capital, every port and every industrial town: ZWC can hear the whispers, the murmers, the rumbles of discontent and they are afraid. Can you hear the "jackboots of the Right-wing" echoing down the avenues of your town? As Europa is rent asunder once more, and refugees of war-torn nations trundle through the unwelcoming streets, are we heading back to the charnel houses of Mitteleuropa?

               Like a canon shot across the bows of the Battleship Europa, ZWC unleash their debut EP 'Scaffold to the Sky.'

This will be followed in early 2017 by their debut LP 'Only the Words Remain' - a manual for survival in troubled times in the form of a poetic palliative set against a magic tapestry of strangeness - oh yes, indeed, don't be afraid of the dark - it hides the real horrors!