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Pagan Sabbats

A Dark Storm of Sound.

                A dark storm of sound is brewing, the noise building like distant hooves across a lonely prairie, the amps buzzing and hissing under an electric crackle, the bass grips your heart and won't let go: Pagan Sabbats want you - dead or alive!

               Debut release 'Lady Death EP' has been exhumed and is avilable now in a full cinemascopic and remixed version.

New single 'As We Go Heated, One To The Other' will be spirited your way some day soon.

                 Debut LP 'Witches of Trasmoz' will be leaked in virus form to an unsuspecting globe in mid 2018. Containing a new roaring set of proclamations from our resident Prophets of Doom.

Pagan Sabbats are calling, can you hear them howl?

#'Lady Death (Exhumed) EP' available now on Band Camp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Deezer!

Pagan Sabbats 'Lady Death (Exhumed) EP'

1. Lady Death   2. My Ship Has Sailed  

3. Scabs and Skunks and Bitches   4. Shame on You

Buy:   https://pagansabbats.bandcamp.com/releases