Spodyody Records presents:


The Architects of Desire are here!

Climb aboard the Spodyody Records time-machine as we slide down a wormhole to an Eighties England of quivering young crooners with gravity defying quiffs!

             Yes, Spody is proud to present, for your delectation and delight two collections of delicate relics 'Songs From the Wilderness Years' and 'Laconic Love Songs' from Lovers By Design

             Recorded during 2014 and 2015 at Hound Dog studios in Liverpool and produced, performed and mixed by veteran magician of the mixer Allan J Crookes, they are finely crafted and timeless anthologies of vintage Pop from the tender quill of former A Select Committee guitarist Steve Downey.

The songs were written over 30 years ago and have lay sleeping in an old blue notebook, waiting to be kissed back to life and set free to find a home in the collections of all you fine sophisticates of Pop from days of yore.

No mind bending pharmaceuticals required to enjoy these delightful songs.....if these don't hit you like a Cupid's dart then you haven't got a heart!

Out now and hot off the digital presses is the single 'Erin Maher' and the LP of all new material '(More Songs From) The Misanthrope)'. See the Lovers video collection below.