Spodyody Records Presents:

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Les Pantalons Impossible

These pants are on fire!

                       Forged at a scorching hot Euro-Pop anvil Les Pantalons Impossible enter our post-Brexit mêlée (or malaise!) with eyes wide open and legs akimbo, ready to dance and lullaby us to the impending Armageddon!

As German Revanchism spreads its tentacles through Brussels, Strasbourg and Frankfurt's Banque Centrale Européenne (sic); Trump and Kim Jong-un escalate their deadly kindergarten spat; and a myriad of global idealogical cells plot The End of the World and the true path to their very own heaven, what shall the rest of us do?

Over here at chez Spody we are battening down the hatches to our shiny new bunker and turning up the stereo to 11!

Les Pantalons Impossible - 'Pour ceux qui Marchent dans les Ténèbres' - New LP coming soon!

New single 'Les Ténèbres' out now!