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An Invitation to Oblivion!


With The Motels of Oblivion we join Circle109 on a quest to find love in the heartless darkness of a 21st century city; any city. Broken souls amongst the shattered glass; in the shadow of the ugly towers we have built in celebration of our own stupidity.

A poetic rumination on love and loss and psychic survival in troubled times; fake news and fake politics: We are at war for the very soul of man. Whose side are you on?    


Are Circle109 entering the realm of the dreaded ‘Concept’ album? How can you manifest your opprobrium against a purely digital artefact?  You can ignore it, but it will always be naggingly out there and you won't get the delicious frisson of seeing a despised pop-puppet languishing in the cut-price bin of your local Woolworths (RIP).

A Chicago radio station could smash Elvis shellac on TV after his outbreak of St Vitus's Dance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1958; and as if Birmingham, Alabama didn’t have enough of its own problems in 1966, two resident DJ’s organised a Beatle Burn-In because of Lennon’s “Bigger than Jesus” remarks; another Chicagoan Shock Jock launched the Disco Sucks! (bowel) movement in 1979, unironically at the White Sox stadium, Comiskey Park.       

           Be not afraid! Circle109 will not be touring with an ice show, dressed in capes and cod-pieces. Not this year, anyway!

Circle109 will release their magnum opus LP 'The Motels of Oblivion' on Spodyody Records in late February 2018.

Preceded by a new EP that includes 'The Open Blossoms' (from the aforementioned LP) and 'It Shall Be Read in the White Morning'.


Circle109: The Open Blossoms

The new Electro-Poptastic EP from Circle109.
Available to buy now on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon or stream on Spotify and Deezer.
1. The Open Blossoms
2. It Shall Be Read in the White Morning
3. The Open Blossoms (Instrumental)

Coming Soon!

Circle109: The Motels of Oblivion

The debut LP from Circle109 is released on Valentines Day; a Cupid's dart tipped with poison; A rumination on Love in a time of Tinder:
1. With Our Hatchets Blunt and Bloody
2. Leap into Love
3. Awake and Silent
4. To the Bone
5. A Song
6. The Open Blossoms
7. Perhaps
8. The Motels of Oblivion