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Being Stoned Ain't the Same as Being Free!

                And being free ain't the same as being stoned!

You can still wail and snarl without guitars, you can still seethe and shimmer and distort without a stack of amps. You can still bleed your dreams into the ears of the unsuspecting crowd. With a roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the lions the Circle109 Rock circus comes snarling into town.

              Check them out when the Spodyody Records motorcade passes through a town near you in 2017.....until then you can wallow in the throb of their mind-pummelling missives relayed to you through that new-fangled digital shellac known as downloads.

The Fade EP is now available and has been labelled Ambient-Rock and Electro-Rock by the band themselves - and they should know!

Watch this space for the release date of a full collection of new songs Capital of Pain.

'The Fade' EP by Circle109

1. So It Goes   2. Fade   3. Being Stoned Ain't the Same as Being Free   4. Days of Time Will Fly

Listen and Buy:   https://circle109.bandcamp.com/releases

Listen:   https://soundcloud.com/circle109