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                    With Hector Constanza's Visitation Blues we join Circle109 on a road trip of the fevered mind: The highway littered with the burnt-out jalopies of paranoid urbanites who have run from the screaming, steaming, stinking cities and disappeared into the myriad of one horse towns scattered sparsely across the clear end of the map; billboards mark the highway, advertising the depth of our vapidity.

This is a prosaic rumination on fear and loathing and a realisation of the cosmic weariness that hangs over us all. The want for war and the war on want: The Woke on the Left vs the Zombies on the Right.

Whose side are you on?      

 Are Circle109 re-entering the realm of the dreaded ‘Concept’ album? Or essaying another neo-Kraut Rock boogaloo? Will we ever cast off the notion of labelling art forms into neat rows in the tidy, tiny, claustrophobic shelves in the Woolworths of the mind?                             

Hector Constanza walks into room 8 at the Joshua Tree Inn with a heft of Mescalin, a quart of Absinthe and a suitcase full of nightmares: And so the journey begins...


Circle109 will release their new paranoid-schizophrenic missive 'Hector Constanza's Visitation Blues' on Spodyody Records in late 2021.

Preceded by the new 'Cigarette Drag'  EP on the Day of the Dead.

Coming Soon!

Circle109: 'Cigarette Drag' EP

The new ergonomically de-centralized and organically synthesized EP from Circle109.
Available December on all disreputable streaming platforms.
1. Cigarette Drag
2. The Electrode
3. Shite & Onions!

Coming Soon!

Circle109: Hector Constanza's Visitation Blues

The second LP from Circle109 is released Winter 2021 - an early Christmas present for the deranged in your life!
1. The City on the Edge of Forever
2. Death You Are No Friend Of Mine
3. Scratchy Needle on a Phonograph Record
4. The Storming of the Mind
5. Careless 
6. Dirty Fists of Madness
7. In the Heart's Chapel the Choir was set Ablaze
8. Madame Blavatsky
9. My Animal Howls
10. Of A Low Dishonest Decade
11. Unique Forms of Continuity in Space